Health (Guarantee)

Our cattery is free of FeLV (feline leukemia), FIV (feline immunodeficiency) All our adult cats are analyzed and they have a negative certificate for these diseases. Too They are tested by DNA: PKD and HCM (The mutation predominantly found in RAGDOLL cats). So, we can guarantee that our kittens are free of the FeLV-FIV, PKD and HCM.

Brugidolls is a closed cattery, we don’t accept mating. So, we avoid the risk of exposing RAGDOLLS to these and other diseases.

We guarantee our kittens for three years of genetic illnesses.

When the kittens leave for their new homes, we give instructions to their new about: the diet, visit to the veterinarian, shots, so the kitten has a healthy life.

Contact us if you have any doubt when the kitten arrives to its new home.