Our little princess Brugidolls Enya was “BEST IN SHOW KITTEN , BEST ABSOLUTE KITTEN AND 2º BEST OF BEST”, in the FIFe Show held in Canelli, Italy, last April 11,. Congratulations Enya!!


SC BRUGIDOLLS HAN is our first Boy “FIFe SUPREME CHAMPION! Thank you to her owner Edwina Cosme of Koantiri Ragdolls Cattery in France.Congratulations Hanou!!!


IP Brugidolls Sunny was “BEST IN SHOW”, two days, in the FIFe Show held in Morges, Switzerland last April, 20 and 21. Congratulations Sunny!!

Faelinis Jim Knopf “BEST IN SHOW”

Faelinis Jim Knopf our new breeder male, was “BEST IN SHOW” in the FIFe Show held in Toulouse France, last October 20. Congratulations Jim!!!

IP Brugidolls Bartu “BEST IN SHOW”

IP Brugidolls Bartu was “BEST IN SHOW” in the FIFe Show held in Toulouse, France, on Saturday last October 15. ¡¡¡CONGRATULATIONS BARTU!!!

Brugidolls Jan Jan “BEST IN SHOW”

Brugidolls Jan Jan was “BEST IN SHOW” on Saturday, in the FIFe Show held in Pilar de la Horadada, Alicante, last February 5. Congratulations Jan Jan!!!

PR Brugidolls Bartu “BEST IN SHOW”

PR Brugidolls Bartu was “BEST IN SHOW” on Saturday and Sunday, in the FIFe Shows held in Zaragoza last September 18th and 19th and Valencia at the Show held on Sunday last 17 October. CONGRATULATIONS Bartu!!!

Brugidolls Jamayca “BEST JUNIOR 6-9 MONTH”

Our girl Jamayca was the BEST JUNIOR of 6-9 months in the “RAGDOLL SONDERSHOW, held in St. Gallen, Switzerland. She was “THIRD BEST RAGDOLL” of the Sondershow. COGRATULATIONS!!!

Brugidolls Inagua Indira “BEST IN SHOW”

With only seven months Inagua Indira “BEST IN SHOW” at the Show held in Iserlohn, Germany the past March 7. In the picture, with her owner Sabrina it receiving an award. CONGRATULATIONS!

GIC Brugidolls Carey “BEST IN SHOW”

Again Carey was Best in Show, Saturday and Sunday on the FIFe SHOW held in Albi, France, on February 13 -14 and Pilar de la Horadada in Alicante, Spain on February 20 – 21. CONGRATULATIONS CHAMPION!