They have a semi long coat that doesn’t need great care.
It is recommended to:

  • Comb the cat every week and bath him with a specific shampoo for cats minimum twice a year.
  • Cut the tip of the claw periodically.
  • Take them to the veterinarian, minimum once a year for their booster shoots and for a revision.
  • The cats like the security of a good home and is very important for them to be properly treated and to avoid any access to the outside where they can meet other animals or suffer from a traffic accident.

Basic kit for the pet cared

  • Metallic comb
  • Tooth revolving comb
  • Mini comb for zones of very short hair
  • Brushes
  • Cat’s claws scissors
  • Hairdressing scissors

For further information, please visit the link below.

Caring for your cat.