About us

My name is Montse Brugal. With my family we live in Terrassa near Barcelona in Spain. Since I was small, I love cats and I always had same in my life.

With my husband, we share the love for cats and it was in 2000, when our dear Mus died, that Fileas arrived at home, He was our first RAGDOLL, a seal point very kind and affectionate. With him, we discovered this wonderful breed and we decided to discover everything about them. Since then, we decided to open our small Cattery and to breed RAGDOLLS with traditional lines.

We love to take to our RAGDOLLS to shows. We travelled with them to France, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy and of course inside Spain…

Our cats live with us. We like them to be healthy. We give them pleasant and calm surroundings in order to obtain sociable, affectionate cats within the best qualities of this breed.

We have registered our cattery in 2003 with the name BRUGIDOLLS en FIFe y en TICA. Tambien somos miembros de la Asociación Felina Española(ASFE) y del Ragdoll Fanciers International (RFCI).

Our house and garden are protected so the cats are not exposed to danger. Our facilities have been reviewed by the Generalitat of Catalunya and we have the Zoological Nucleus Nº B-2500568.

All the pictures of our Web-site are from our cats. As photography is my hobby, most of the pictures are my own and I always have my camera prepared for when the magical and unique moment of the special picture happens.

Finally, we would like to thank our dear friend Claire for her collaboration in the English version of this Web site.

We hoped that you will enjoy your visit.

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We are member to:

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Zoological nucleus Nº B-2500568