It is difficult to establish the origin and development of the RAGDOLL breed and it’s surrounded by certain mystery. The only thing we are sure of is that Anne Baker created it. She was a Persian breeder living in Riverside, California.

Everything happened in the 1960’s when Josephine, an angora type, pregnant, white cat belonging to her neighbour had a terrible accident. Anne took her to the vet and she survived. The born kittens had something special: their bodies relaxed in an extraordinary way, they were big kitties and they had a smooth and longhair coat. Anne realized how special those kittens were and she began a program to create a new breed. In the beginning, she used cats with Persian, Angora and Birman appearance to mate with Josephine and with her sons and daughters. Out of those crossings, Daddy Wabuks, Fugianna and Backweat were born and from there on, she developed the breed.

Therefore, all the existing RAGDOLLS have a common denominator: Josephine must always figure on the pedigree.

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