General Information on the Ragdoll Kittens

The RAGDOLL is a slow growing breed. They’re totally mature between three and four years. We reserve our kittens after they are 5 weeks old.

Our kittens are weaned and they leave usually for their new homes within 12 weeks. If it must travel abroad, 16 weeks.

It is very beneficial for the kitten that it lives enough time with her mother and brothers to grow healthy and affectionate.

The Brugidolls kittens are delivered to their new owners:

  • With vaccines according to the age
  • Free of parasites
  • Microchipped
  • Passport (outside Spain)
  • Two revisions by our vet
  • Health certificate
  • Pedigree ASFE-FIFe

The pet kittens have to be sterilized. (Benefits of spaying or neutering your pet)

We only place our breeder cats in small cattery, federated and they don’t breed in cages. We do not sell to stores.

We will not allow any of our kittens to be declawed. This practice can change his personality and if you do that your RAGDOLL would be less affectionate, shy or aggressive.

Our kittens know how to use the cat tree. When your new kitten arrives home, we recommend that you have one to its disposition. Also, you must cut the end of the claws (we can teach you).

For additional information, please contact us. If you want more information about the practice of declawing the cat and why we do not recommend it, clic on the link underneath.

Save a paw, don’t declaw