The RAGDOLL is an extremely good cat and he is attentive to his owner’s activities. He will follow his owner in all the house to know what he is doing at every moment and to be petted.

They are calm, playful, relaxed and very affectionate. Their good disposition and personality makes of it the unique and ideal cat for a house or an apartment.

He has a very sweet character and he has no problem living with other pets, cats or dogs. Also they know how to gain the affection of old people or people with health problem, because they transmit a pleasant sensation of calm and tranquillity. With the children they are very patient and they like to play with them.

If they get used to it from small age, they can travel with their owners and you can even have a walk on a leash.

The RAGDOLL adapts himself easily to any situation and is very important for him to feel the love of the people around him.

If you are not a cat lover, a RAGDOLL can change your mind. You will be charmed by his beauty and calm temperament.