Cehrelis Cat Walk Of Brugidolls

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Kedi (Kete) as we called her at home, we went to fetch her to the Turkish breeder Cehrelis Ragdolls. She is a very sweet and calm female. She has a smooth semilong hair coat with a furnished tail,and her blue eyes are really wonderful. She is a sweet and patient mother. Her babies are beautiful! Baitikiri is her son, and he is our new breeding male. She is 50% of American lines and 50% of old English lines. Thanks Beliz for this precious Lad.


Birth: 11/07/2005
Parents: Moon Valley Gandalf of Silmarilions & Catreba Mis Teeq
Blood group: A
Negative tested:Tested negative: FeLV, FIV DNA tested negative for: PKD and Rag-HCM mutation