Faelinis Jim Knopf of Brugidolls

Blue Point Mitted and White

Jim comes from Austria, we went to fetch Hallstatt a small village between the lake and the mountains, an amazing beauty, where lives her breeder. Jim has a sweet character and easy purr. He is a handsome big boy. he weights more than 7kg. he has a strong bone structure and a long and bushy tail. We are happy to have you with us. A lot of thanks to Monika for this beautiful boy!


Birth: 16/08/2011
Parents: CH Mirimodis Hamadi of Faelinis & GRC Faelinis Dima Dragonheart
Blood group: A ( 100% lineas tradicionales)
Negative tested:  FeLV, FiV, por DNA de HCM (mutación en el Ragdoll)